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Interview with Author Damon E. Luke, Writer of “I See Myself”


Senyah: Hi Damon,

Welcome to Determined to Educate, Inc. How are you doing?

Damon: I am doing well. Living and Loving Life in South Carolina.

Senyah: I am extremely excited to introduce people to your new book called “I See Myself”.

What inspired you to write this book?

Damon: I have been writing…

Senyah: Wait, that was suppose to be my next question..(Damon and Senyah laugh)

Damon: Ok, well I started in my sophomore year of college. It started as an outlet for me, a way to express my emotions. I started letting others read it. Then I got really good responses. I started getting requests to write for someone on a specific topic. After a couple of years, I decided to publish so a wider audience would be able to read and get some relaxation through my writing.

Senyah: Ok now you can answer my next question. (Senyah laughs) How long have you been writing this book?

Damon: 10 years, since sophomore year in college. My first poem was entitled “I See Myself”...

Senyah: Hence the book

Where did the Title “I See Myself” come from?

Damon: As mentioned, my first poem was entitled “I See Myself” and it came about from a classroom assignment.

Senyah: What would you want the site visitors to look for and get out of this poetry book?

Damon: I want them to look for something different than what they are used to. I say that to say that every poem written in this book is original. At the end I would hope they would be able to see how I see myself and see a bit of themselves as well.

Senyah: Rap/Hip Hop is a form of poetry; do you feel that you can touch the hip-hop community with a book like this? And Why?

Damon: Definitely! Some of my inspirations and some of my word play come from Rap/Hip Hop influences. Sometimes I find myself listening to Hip Hop and that inspires me more.

Senyah: What type of feedback have you received so far?

Damon: Well, I would say it ranges from “Very Good” to “Wow, I didn’t know you can write like this!”

Senyah: When you hear the word “Good” how does that feel? What are you thinking?

Damon: When I hear “Good” I try to dive in to find out why they said “Good”. I try to find out what their favorite poem is in the book and maybe what they didn’t like about it.

Senyah: Would you recommend this as a book for a college course?

Damon: Yes, I would recommend this for high school and college.

Senyah: Why?

Damon: Most of the poems were written as a young adult. I feel like a high school student could relate to the ideas and the experiences of the poems. However, there is something there for all ages. Speaking of, I had the most amazing experience. The other day I listened to two elementary school children recite my poetry and they understood the words. It was the most breath taking experience.

Senyah: I could definitely understand that. The kids are our future generation and we as adults should be teaching them well. Hey, wasn’t that in a song?? Just kidding…(they laugh)

What are you working on now?

Damon: I am working on my own website which I hope to launch by the end of this month. I am also working on finalizing the second edition of this book with a different concept call “God’s Work”.

Senyah: Amen to that! (Damon and Senyah laugh)

March is Women’s month. Determined to Educate, Inc will be honoring women for the whole month of March. Is there any thing you would like to tell all the women who are reading this right now?

Damon: My message to woman is this “I love woman”. You will see that in my work. Second, I would tell a woman, to always remember to be true to herself. You cannot go wrong when you are true to who you are, what you want and need.

Senyah: What would you like to tell ALL the people out there?

Damon: I look forward to your feedback and I hope you enjoy the reading. Please keep in mind that it is filled with my heart and soul.

Senyah: Thank you so much for opening up your poems to the world. I wish you much Success in your career.

Determined to Educate, Inc Thanks Damon E. Luke for sharing his words.

Damon E. Luke’s Book “I See Myself”, could be found on and

If you have any questions for Damon, please feel free to contact him at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) .

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Damon Luke grew up in Bronx, NY, and was raised by a single mother. Damon is the youngest of his mother’s four children. Damon’s mom taught him to be considerate, compassionate and to respect himself, his family, and others. Damon is a product of NYC public school education. Damon is a graduate of Lincoln University with a degree in Economics. It was at Lincoln University where Damon began writing poetry. After leaving Lincoln Damon moved back to NYC and worked as a Insurance Adjuster. In 2003, Damon moved to Atlanta, GA to further his search for “himself”. Damon met his, now, wife in Atlanta in 2005. Damon proposed after 4 months of dating and soon married in 2006. Damon now resides in Clinton SC and works as a Independent Appraiser. Damon published his first book of poetry in 2008 via

“I See Myself” is the title of Damon’s first book and the title of his first poem. This poem was created in an effort to make sense of the relationship with his father. The book includes 25 original poems, created and inspired by Damon’s experiences and his relationships.

The book is available @ and Barnes and Noble and Borders will order a copy upon request. Customer can also contact me vie email and telephone to obtain a copy.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Damon describes himself as a self taught, free spirited poet. Damon’s poems range in style and have a lot of word play. Damon contends his poetry is ultimately filled with his heart and soul. 

Currently Damon is working on his second publication and the introduction of his website.