This year, become a sponsor for an aspiring young musician. 100% of your contribution will help transform the life of a New York City student, enabling them to learn from concentrated, in-depth sessions designed to support their critical early music career steps. 

A talented young musician, is hungry to break into the music industry. However, he or she needs a little help to launch their daydreams from “I wish” to “I can” – and pursue their dream career as a successful music artist.


Music is a powerful language that touches all those it reaches, and for those with talent it can change their lives. However, the majority of young musicians need both financial assistance and mentoring. They need much guidance to reach their full potential.


Here’s how you can help:

30 young talented New York City students, with the most promising
musical abilities, will have an opportunity to be part of an exciting new program.


Steps to Break In The Music Business At The Highest Level.”

Led by Grammy-nominated hip hop and R&B record producer Richard “Younglord” Frierson, this eight-week program is a unique opportunity for talented young musicians to learn the entrepreneurial and business skills necessary for a successful musical career.

This Mastermind Program has intensive, information-rich sessions precisely structured to help aspiring creatives and industry types jump YEARS ahead of their current position. 


The cost per student for the eight-week program is $1,000. We need your help to raise $30,000 by
March 7, 2019, to support full fees for 30 talented young people who are unable to afford the program alone.


Students will submit an essay consisting of 2 paragraphs detailing their passion for the music industry. After review, Richard “Younglord” Frierson and Determined To Educate will select 30 students who show the most compassion for wanting to be in the music industry.


The purpose of this Mastermind is to give the students strategies that will help take creative steps to start their career in the music business. These steps can actually help them with any business. They will get the most out of these lessons by putting the lessons to action immediately.

Richard  will also assist them in creating their personal ACTION PLAN to help them “Break IN” and start their career at the highest levels.

These concentrated and in-depth trainings are designed to take them from “I wish” to “I can” in whatever genre or music profession they are immersed in.

This mastermind will benefit aspiring Artists, Producers, Writers, and future label executives.


1. How to Choose the right entry point: An entry point is a person or company that can get them into the biz; their target. The Benefit is having a brand name behind them. They can do on their own but it will be much harder and take much longer.

2. How to Research the target. Find out the info needed to create the right pitch.

3. Plan for their target – Richard will show how to create a plan & have it ready when they approach.

4. Connect with your target – How to get an audience, create an emotional connection, deliver their pitch, and follow up.

5. Monetize their relationships – The vision to help connect people with their relationships and make money with it.

Richard “Younglord” Frierson is a music executive that has worked on albums that have sold over 50 million units. He has worked with artists such as Diddy, Beyonce, Jay Z, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne and labels Bad Boy, Atlantic, Universal Republic, Epic, and Columbia Records. He has been able to enter the music business and monetize it at the highest levels for over 20 years.

Determined to Educate Inc. mentors, educates and creates opportunities which allow our students to build confidence within themselves. We motivate them to excel through our partnerships and our amazing programs. In 10 years, we have worked with over 7000 students so far exposing them to our amazing programs.