Mission Statement:

Determined To Educate, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting education and providing resources to underserved communities. We focus on initiatives such as mentorship programs, scholarship opportunities and educational workshops to empower individuals and improve access to quality education and careers. We work with young people, motivating them to aim high and exposing them to a wider world of opportunities. 


About DTE:

Since 2008, Determined To Educate, Inc has created opportunities allowing students to build confidence within themselves. We motivate them to excel through our partnerships and our amazing programs.

In 16 years, we have worked with over 16,000 students around the country so far exposing them to our amazing programs. Programs like our “Speaker Series” Program which brings prominent figures and professionals to the schools we work with; sharing the life stories of individuals and how they became so successful which includes challenges that were ever faced. ‘The Exposure Tour/Career Navigation was created to provide individuals with opportunities to explore various career paths, industries, and professions. Our program offers participants exposure to various companies, workplace environments and industry-specific skills through internships, job shadowing, mentorship, informational interviews and experiential learning opportunities working.  We have taken students on trips to different sites in the business world, giving the students the opportunity to be in a different environment. This assures them that there are wider ranges of opportunities for them to grab onto. We were fortunate enough to have visited sites with the students such as The Barclays Center, WABC/Channel 7 NY Studios, The Brooklyn Nets Training Facility, Starbucks’ Corporate Offices, The Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta and more. We have also created a “Job Opportunities” program which has landed over 100 students in jobs with companies such as Rite Aid, Walgreens, TD Bank, Eurest at American Express, CBRE at American Express and BJ’s Wholesale. We were also able to collect over 400 suits and dresses (which were donated by high level executives from Fortune 100/500 companies) for students to use on interviews. 

We traveled with over 500 students from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland public schools to visit the National Museum of African American History & Culture/Smithsonian Institution, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and The Smithsonian’s National Portraits Gallery in DC.  We have also hosted numerous events with iconic figures including the incredible Misty Copeland

With the funding we have received over the years, the results have been immeasurable. We have changed the lives of young people in various communities because of your wonderful support and connection. Determined To Educate, Inc. serves over 1000 students a year. We look forward to enhancing the lives of many more students in 2024 and beyond in hopes to bring more programs with your continued support.

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