Kelly Spencer is a native New Yorker.  Ms. Spencer is a divorcee and a single mom with two daughters ages 7 and 10.  After becoming a foster mom three years ago, she has become a mother to many more.  She works full-time in the legal field and is a full-time student majoring in Social Science. Her concentration in Social Science will serve as a stepping stone to prepare her for her next major step which is law school.

Kelly is a self-motivated individual with a passion to inspire and cheer others on.  She has had the privilege to speak words of encouragement to young ladies at the Spofford Juvenile Detention Center in Bronx, New York. She recognizes that her life and her time are not her own.  She believes there is more to do. Ms. Spencer is committed to being a good steward of both.

Spencer is already a champion in life as a subarachnoid hemorrhage survivor.  She says “Putting God first is more than a catchy saying. It is a daily act of submitting your own will to His, knowing and understanding that in doing this, it is impossible for Him to steer you wrong.  The very fact that I am alive today is a testament to what God can do.”


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