BMU - Better Man University

BMU - Better Man University
Mission Statement -  

As a Man, you can be all you can be and do not let any Human Being tell you otherwise.

Qualifications to Enroll -  

Being ready to listen and take heed.

Classes offered:  


* Common Sense 101-co-ed
* Don’t blame the system for everything
* Be clear with her from the gate
* Its more than just the shirt you are wearing - Special CEO class
* Your children remember everything
* You are not “babysitting” your own children when you have them in your care
* God’s time is the right time- co ed class
* Be able to provide 102


* Be able to take care of yourself 101
* Take care of your kids, she didn’t do it alone
* Be able to provide 101
* Safety and Security for the home 101
* Count your blessings you made it past 21
* N**** is not a positive word
* She DOES have feelings, and so do you
* Don’t say “I do”, if you don’t mean it
* Give, Give, Give not Take, Take, Take
* She really is just 14
* Never trust a “Big butt and a Smile”
* Yes, GOD did it, It wasn’t You or Luck - CO ED Class

Tuition -  

Free if you are ready to “Man Up”