About Determined To Educate


Determined to Educate, Inc. 501 (c)(3) is a nonprofit organization established to re-invent communities worldwide. We are looking to bridge the intergenerational gap.  Our focus is to show the importance of bettering ourselves, bettering our communities and most importantly bettering our young. We accomplish this through our “Better Woman University” Program, “Better Man University” Program, our Annual Book Donation Drive and our Children’s Literacy Program “The Journal Project - Our Stories”. The organization also focuses on promoting positivity within domestic areas and eventually spreading to various parts of the world. Volunteer members of the organization will provide information to men and women seeking guidance in their lives through forums and through this motivational interactive website. We have several goals we wish to accomplish. One goal is the concentration on man’s behavior with society as well as internally; focusing on life’s struggles, decision making, and rehabilitation within themselves. The same effort is applied to conflicting events in a woman’s life; including single parenthood. Individuals who are striving for more will be assisted by Determined to Educate, Inc.

We help communities learn the importance of having an extended family (young helping old and the old educating the young). We also help individuals learn Life skills (i.e. a new mother/father, a parent with their child/children going on to college for the first time).

“Bettering Ourselves, Bettering our Communities”.