BWU - Better Woman University

BWU - Better Woman University
Mission Statement -  

Be all you can be as a woman and represent your “Lady Hood”.

Qualifications to Enroll -  

Being ready to listen and take heed.

Classes offered:  


* Common Sense 101-co-ed class
* “It takes a village to raise a child” 101
* He is not leaving his wife for you
* You don’t have to frown on everything, just know its not for you
* Embrace yourself and he will embrace you
* Listen first, then speak 101
* If what he wants is not what you want, keep it moving
* You can’t change him
* Know when its time to let go
* It’s more than just the shirt you are wearing-  Special CEO class
* God’s time is the right time-co ed class


* Self Esteem 101
* Love Yourself then Him 101
* Recognizing your faults 101
* Gold Digging is not a Sport
* If your baby daddy has moved on, so can you
* She probably really didn’t know you was his woman
* Your girlfriend doesn’t have to know EVERYTHING
* BITCH is not a positive word
* Be upset at your man, not the lady
* Don’t play with his emotions, even if he is playing with yours - WALK AWAY
* Don’t hate on the next women - “I’m your sista, why are you acting like that”
* It’s ok to not be too revealing
* Yes, GOD did it, It wasn’t luck - CO-ED Class

Tuition -  

Free if you are ready to be a “Real Woman”