Being a woman in her 30’s Professor Maynor finally listened to the words many mature women told her as she started her journey into womanhood “You don’t know everything, how about you listen for a change”. Professor Jai will admit it took a few of life lessons to really understand this and from time to time she needs a reminder or two.

Professor Maynor is here today to be one of many to help her fellow Man and Woman better themselves and in this process she will be getting a lesson as well. As she always says “We all are a work in progress. Life is about helping others and it’s about time we do this”. Professor Jai is a hardworking dedicated young woman. To maintain the bread and peanut butter upkeep, she is currently employed at a financial firm as a Human Resources coordinator (12 yrs HR Experience). One of the things she has learned is how to interact with people with diverse backgrounds. To give you a better understanding of her role, she coordinates different firm wide events and training sessions, assists with employee issues and gives performance feedback. Currently, Professor Jai is in college working on her Bachelors in Business as well as working on her dream of owning her own business. She also works with a youth group at a Church in Brooklyn, New York. Those kids keep her on her toes, but she loves it and being a part of those kids lives’ is a blessing to her. Professor Jai is a busy individual as you can tell and she is more than fine with it. She has little to complain about. Professor Jai’s theory is “I can do all things through God…..when I follow His steps I know I am fine…I fear nothing because God told me to fear not…He loves me unconditionally…what more can I ask for”.

As Professor Maynor continues her journey, she would be honored if you allow her to assist you in your journey of being a better you.


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