In the Auditorium

Interview with 2009 McDonald’s All-American China Crosby


Senyah:  Hey China! 

China: Hi!

Senyah: First of all, I wanted to say Congrats on becoming the McDonald’s All American for 2009.

China: Thank you! (Giggle)

Senyah: Who and What inspired you to play basketball?

China:  Well at the age of 3, I picked up a basketball but I started playing in tournaments at the age 8.  Who influenced me was my recent High School coach’s father Wayne Bradley.  Coach Bradley put me in The New York Gazelles which is a program I entered to play.  It started traveling with Coach Bradley.

Senyah: That’s great!  So you are going to be attending the University of Virginia this Fall.  How exciting!  What expectations do you have for yourself?

China:  I know I am the only New Yorker coming in.  I want to go there and represent NY to the fullest.  I also know that Coach Ryan, who coaches University of Virginia, is expecting me to have a great impact on the Team especially being All-American. 

Senyah:  Have you played with any males basketball players? And if so are you intimidated by them or are they intimidated by you?

China:  It’s funny because a couple of guys will come up to me and test me and say “I could beat you” and some would even ask me to help them with their game.  Overall, I know they respect me as a player, as we both try to increase our skills and our game. 

Senyah:  Are you excited about leaving your stomping ground of the Bronx and moving to a New City?

China: Of course! For one I was the only girl that made it to the McDonald’s All American in the tri-state area and I represent the Bronx everywhere I go.  I will never forget where I came from.

Senyah:  Do you hope to play in the WNBA someday?

China:  Of course!

Senyah:  And I believe you will! Ok with that being said, who in the WNBA has inspired you?

China:  Theresa Witherspoon who used to play in the WNBA.  She actually wanted to recruit me at Louisiana Tech where she now coaches but time was against us.  It was the end of recruiting season and I would have loved to play for her.  We talk some of the time especially last summer.  She called and spoke to my mom.  She is so cool and is an inspiration to me.  That’s why I wear the number 11 which was her number.

Senyah: Wow that is amazing.  Do you have any male NBA players that have inspired you?

China:  The main person that inspired my dribble is Allen Iverson. There are a couple of others too. Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and Jamal Crawford.

Senyah:  Is there anything you would like to say to any young lady who aspires to become a basketball player?

China:  When adults that inspire me speak to me, they often tell me to work hard in school.  You will face advisories and you will go through your struggles.  I struggled in school myself but you will make it to the top.  Never stop working on your game.

Senyah:  Is there anything you want to add or say to people reading this?

China:  I just want to say just be Thankful for what GOD has given you because you never know what would happen in the next day or week.  Live Life to the FULLEST!

Senyah:  You just brought a tear to my eye.  I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished.  Thanks for taking the time out for our “In the Auditorium/Young Gift Academy” session.  You are a smart, determined young lady and I know that you will go so far in your career.

China:  Thank you!

China and Senyah laugh…

Check out China Crosby this fall at the University of Virginia



China Crosby was born and raised in The Bronx (New York).  She is a 2009 graduate of Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics in Harlem, NY.  Crosby played the position of Point Guard for the Women’s Varsity team known as “The Lady Rams” at Manhattan Center.  With a injured ankle 4 days before one of their games, China Crosby led “The Lady Rams” to becoming the first team to beat Murry Bergtraum (who hasn’t lost an at home game in 5 years and was in the #5 spot) to victory in 1999.  China also played for NYC Gauchos, NY Gazelles and the Nike Regional Skills Academy in 2008.  Crosby has been featured in ESPN Rise Magazine, the ESPN high school version celebrating high school athletes.  She will be attending The University of Virginia this fall.

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