Lecture: BELIEVE!!!


DJ Shogun, The International Club Mixologist

Sunday, October 17, 2010




The first thought that comes to my mind as I write my first lecture is BELIEVE!!!

Growing up in a Jamaican household with two loving, well-educated parents, I was always pushed to strive for excellence. Failure was NOT an option, so I always knew/believed that success in whatever I chose to pursue in life would come natural.

Of course, as we travel along the path that life takes us, we encounter obstacles that will test our Beliefs. I know that those challenges only make me stronger. As the Great Frederick Douglas said: “Without struggle, there’s no progress.”

I say “Without Belief, there’s no Success…..Successful Thoughts Always attracts Success”. The basis of our success, whether it be spiritual, financial, emotional, etc. HAS to start with a belief.

If I didn’t believe that I could do well in real estate, the music business, parenting, etc. then none of my success would have come to fruition.

Don’t get me wrong, Belief isn’t the ONLY key to “success” but its one of its most important pillars.

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Who is the modern day Samurai to scorch his own trail? His name is Shogun. Please keep in mind that there is only one prototype. He is unable to be duplicated. He is music’s modern-day Samurai.  Shogun’s mission, seek & destroy anyone in his path, while always keeping the party hot!!! Growing up in Queens, NY, Shogun took an interest in DJ-ing during the “Golden Age” of Hip-Hop. During this time, he realized the power & influence of a DJ, influenced by Gangstarr’s Premier, Marly Marl, Pete Rock and Kid Capri. Intrigued by his new found love, young Shogun put his skills to the test, making
personal mixtapes and doing local parties.

Solidifying his reputation, Shogun was recognized for his mixtapes by the Justo’s Mixtape Awards, a legendary ceremony where stars like Diddy, 50 Cent, Wu-Tang Clan and more have walked across the stage to accept their titles. He is a four-time nominated DJ for the Best Blends category. DJ Shogun has produced mixtapes, which range from mashup R&B blends to Underground music. His tapes have been floating around worldwide since ‘95. DJ Shogun, an international club mixologist, has blessed many venues. Dazzling the eclectic crowds in the most trendiest clubs for events like MTV’s Video Music Award after-parties, Miami’s Rock Fashion Week and NBA All-Star Weekend, to entertaining at The Michael Jordan Celebrity Golf Invitational’s in Atlantis, Bahamas, he has proven to be well versed for various genres of crowd. At these popular spots he was able to groom himself as a brand; a rare effort on behalf of DJ’s not aligned with media outlets. “I saw myself establishing a rapport wherever I worked, and I noticed the support from one venue to the next. I realized that I didn’t have to be a radio personality to consolidate my efforts or my craft,” says Shogun explaining his enterprising move. Shogun’s ultimate mission is to further the growth and creativity of music and to continue his success. His future plans are to get his entertainment company,SHONUFF off the ground, which will produce/manage/distribute up-and-coming artists.

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