Lecture: Personal Safety: Being more aware.


Kim Ramsey, Forensic Nurse

Sunday, March 22, 2009




Hi my name is Kim Ramsey. I have been a nurse for 15 years. My specialties include emergency medicine, occupational health medicine and forensic medicine. For today’s lecture we are going to focus on the forensic aspect of my work. I am employed by a prosecutors’ office as a forensic nurse examiner to collect forensic evidence from rape victims. Think “CSI”. This job involves collecting evidence from the victim and a history as to what events occurred leading up to the assault, I also collect details about the victim’s assailant, this can not only help to identify the attacker, but also track to see if the person is committing serial rapes in the area.

I like to think that helping somebody who has had their body violated in this manner has the help they need to heal from this situation. Victims often remember how they were treated and can tend to foster a sense of guilt that something this awful could have happened to them. Then they start blaming themselves. I am there to let them know that it was not their fault. If nobody else says that, then I make a point of saying that to alleviate that issue.

As I have been doing this work, I have noticed a lot of things about the people that assailants choose as their prey. So I am going to focus on your personal safety and awareness whilst traveling about your daily business. Many of these types of anti-social characters track your everyday behavior. I used to take it for granted that my liberty was not being observed. But now I am cautious about a lot of things. I do not listen to my Ipod whilst walking on the street, particularly. Things that I used to take as a given. I don’t do anymore. I try to be very aware of my surroundings and how people approach me. I attended a sexual crimes investigation conference recently which highlighted the fact that predators set subtle traps for their prey.

Individuals are looking to catch the unsuspecting female. I have a number of set rules:

Ramsey’s Rules:

* I don’t get distracted when I am getting in and out of my vehicle at night or day. So I leave my phone in my pocket and lock the doors as soon as I get in the vehicle.
* If I go out to a bar, I never leave a drink unattended.
* I do not park my vehicle in the farthest point of a parking lot. I make sure that I park close to the place where I need to be.
* I let someone know where I am going and what time to expect me back.
* I never accept rides from strangers.
* I keep a distance when approached by a stranger for directions.

Please take heed and take care.

Kim Ramsey