Lecture: Purpose and Destiny

Instructor: Darryl "DMC" McDaniels of RUN DMC, Emmy Award Winning, Iconic Lyricist, Motivator and Philanthropist

Friday, February 19, 2010




Check out DMC’s song “I AM A KING

Several years ago I was on tour with my group RunDMC, this was before Jay died, and I would get off the stage and go back to my hotel room, and lay there and say to myself,  “somethings up, why do I have this funny feeling?, Am I here just to be DMC?, This famous rap dude?”  That was a question that I would soon get an answer to that would change my life! I looked at everything that happened to me up to that point, all the RunDMC stuff, first to go gold, first to go platinum, first on MTV, Rollingstone Magazine, first with the movies, tours and sneaker deals ...and all the other firsts…and I didnt know why I was sooo unhappy! I was a metaphysical, suicidal, alcoholic, spiritual wreck! Something was missing from my existence and I couldn’t put my finger on it! After having many thoughts of suicide, dont get me wrong, I was proud of all my accomplishments but after reading The Bible a million times, The Koran books on Buddhism, and damn near every Deepak Chophra and metaphysical books on the meaning of life. I came to the conclusion that I’ve accomplished all that I put here to do and I’m checking out of here early because all this celebrity bull**** is just that…..bull****! I thought of something, if I do die tomorrow, people know all the DMC King of Rock stuff but know one knows about the guy Darryl who became DMC! He’s just a normal little boy who grew up just like all the other little boys and girls in this world! Since yall all know The DMC Microphone Master stuff, I got to let ya’ll know about Darryl, because you think you know but really you have know idea who I really am! And at the time,neither did I.

So I call up my mom and tell her I am writing a book about myself and to make it interesting to the reader I need a couple of more details about the day I was born. I knew my birthdate, May 31,1964 but want to tell ya’ll a little more.(hey that rhymes!) I just wanted to know three things extra. How much did I weigh?, What time I was born?, and what hospital? She told me what was what, said I love you and hung up.
An hour later the phone rings and it was her again. This time my father was on the phone with her and she said we have something else to tell you. Now, I was already a metaphysical, suicidal, alcoholic, spiritual wreck, but at age 35. After accomplishing all I did with Joe and Jay, she tells me that I was adopted! I said to myself, “I know what that word means!” Then the whole room starts spinning!  I had all these thoughts of why this, why that, why did my birthmom give me away, whats wrong with me, why did mom and dad get me? Why, why, why? Now I really have a reason to commit suicide! I’m all ready going through so many thoughts of “whats the purpose of all this"and now I find out that I am adopted! Something that I didn’t know about myself all these years! After a few seconds of hysterical confusion and mind blowing pain and hurt, a calm came over me. I went back to that first question I had asked myself when I was out on the road. “Am I here to just be this rapper dude DMC?”  The answer is yes! But its for a bigger reason than I can possibly comprehend!

After finding out I was adopted and after talking to other adoptees, I found out I was a foster kid! This made me realize why I was given the foundation of HipHop! Not just to be rich and famous, not to be a celebrity, but to represent all those people who are just like me! I am not a politician. Politics divides and separates! Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Moderates, Liberals, etc, it’s all bull****! All they do is beef all day! I am not religious, look at organized religion, this one, that one, ours is better, ours is the truth, we know the way, its all bull****! They fight and argue all day too!
I was given the most awesome of ways to comminucate and represent for what needs to be represented, through the power of music! And music always succeeds where politics and religion fails! I didn’t become the King of Rock for statiscal reasons!
Let me get to the point! I was a foster kid but that doesn’t make me know less able than any other child This nation we live in does not pay any attention to the most valuable resource we have…....the children! And not just the “well off” I’m talking about all of them!

First of all, we need to change the way we speak of them! Mr. President and our so called elected leaders, they are not “underpriviledged children”, they are children of POTENTIAL!!!!!!!!  When these kids see me, they don’t see some celebrity rapper from TV, they see themselves, they see possibilities! I tell them never let your situation define who you are! Foster kid is your situation but has nothing to do with who you are! I had know idea I would become DMC of RunDMC, not just a rapper but one of the greatest to ever do it of all time! I was fortunate, not lucky, to be a foster kid who was adopted and into a great family at that! But what about all the kids who dont get adopted? Who don’t get the chance to have that family situation so necessary to get them where they are supposed to go? I had Byford and Bannah McDaniels (who I rapped about in 86 on the album “Raising Hell”, check out “Son of Byford”). After talking to countless boys and girls in the system, I realize that we have got to work 250% harder for these kids! The Federal Goverment is supposed to be Byford and Bannah to these kids and while there are many great stories like mine, there’s a million stories of sexual, physical, emotional and financial abuse running rampant in the fostercare system. Over 70% of inmates in jail have been through the fostercare system and are now in a bigger system called “incarceration”!  What I’m trying to say is this, I am what can happen if a child is given ALL and EVERY chance regardless of how he or she is conceived, to get where they are supposed to go! I have a purpose and destiny or else my birth mom wouldn’t have given me up in Harlem, Byford and Bannah would of never came and got me and took me to Hollis, there would be no HipHop ( the way it is) there would be no RunDMC, but forget all that show biz mumbo jumbo…I would not be here to say this to the world! Now abortion is another level I could dwell on, but if that was my situation, man, we wouldn’t even have a DMC to be talking about! But since I had a purpose and destiny, just like all these other children, we have to do all we can do to fufill the purpose and destiny of them all! Like I just said, if they wasn’t MEANT TO BE HERE they wouldnt be here! We have to change the dialogue and fix the laws and the way we deal with these children. They are not “underpriviledged”, if thats the case then lets give them some! They are children of potential! We can’t wait til they are ready to age out of the system, before we prepped them for life at 17 and 18,  we have to start at 10 and 12. We cant let them age out and go to jail; or the grave but they have to go where they are supposed to go because they have a purpose and destiny they cant possibly comprehend. Just like Byford and Bannah did for me, ALL our children need a BYford and Bannah! There’s someone in the universe assigned to these children, just as my mom and pop are assigned to me! Is it you? Can you take time out to be a mentor, a foster parent, an adoptive parent? Oh hell, if that’s to much just become a friend to that little boy or girl in your building or on your block!

I’m DMC, The K-I-N-G, but there’s alot of people just like me….a whole lot just like me! And I am gonna do everything I can to make sure ALL children regardless of their situations (ffoster, adopted, incarcerated, homeless,etc) get the chance to be who they are supposed to be while here on this planet!
It’s all about identity and who and what we are! My whole career I noticed, this little foster kid Darryl would always proclaim who I am I’m the son of Byford…...I’m the devastating mic controller….I’m the microphone master….I’m The King of Rock….My name is DMC the all time great….I used to think DMC just meant the initials of my name “Darryl McDaniels”, or “devastating mic controller”, or” doing mines cool”, but the universe is telling me no…...It really means “Deliver My Children”! And thats why I became a King!

I am a king, it aint easy being king, I am a king, it aint easy being king, but its not about the reign, its what you do with everything! I’m reppin fo da men thats writin wit da pen! Im reppin fo da men, thats locked up in the pen, I’m reppin fo da children, lookin fo a friend, and I will be reppin fo em,until the reppin ends!!!


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Darryl “DMC” McDaniels is a member one of the most influential, history making hip-hop groups of all time, RunDMC.  DMC most recently won an Emmy for “DMC: My Adoption Journey” documentary with VH1

Log on to DMC’s official website at to find out more about what’s going on with DMC. There you can also learn about his non-profit organization called THE FELIX ORGANIZATION Adoptees for Children. Since 2006, THE FELIX ORGANIZATION has sent over 500 children to CAMP FELIX for one or two week sessions. Their goal is to continue to send an increasing number of children to CAMP FELIX each year and to nurture and encourage them throughout the year with additional, inspiring opportunities.