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Monday, November 30, 2009




Hello Determined to Educate Inc. Family,

I am Olivia Fox, a seasoned on air radio personality, Founder and President of NAPKC - The National Association of Preventive Kidney Care and Counseling, kidney patient advocate, and dialysis patient.  NAPKCC is a non profit organization I formed to utilize as my platform to educate the community how renal disease can affect an individual, on all levels, along with their families.  It is also the intent of this organization to educate the public about ways to prevent renal failure, how important diet and exercise play in the prevention of end stage renal failure, and ultimately what happens to an individual once they are diagnosed.

As an individual who was initially diagnosed with kidney disease back in 1996, and who is now living with renal failure; it is important to me to take my personal struggles with this disease and enlighten and educate others about what it means to be a dialysis patient and how it can change your life.  To gain more insight about this disease, here are some facts about chronic kidney disease.

*26 million adult Americans have chronic kidney disease and 90% don’t know it.

What is Chronic Kidney Disease? (CKD)

Most people have 2 kidneys, healthy kidneys remove waste products and excess fluid, help regulate the body’s water, salts and other chemicals in the blood, and remove drugs and toxins.  Your kidneys also release hormones to help regulate blood pressure, make red blood cells and promote strong bones.  People with CKD have kidney damage or a decrease in kidney function often develop complications such as high blood pressure, anemia, weak bones, and malnutrition and nerve damage.  Left untreated, CKD can progress to kidney failure, which requires dialysis or a kidney transplant to sustain life.

The scary thing is CKD is a silent epidemic, and people with the disease often have no symptoms until the kidneys begin to fail.  As a result, thousands of people in the U.S. have their kidneys fail every year without advance warning that their kidneys were at risk.  The good news is that CKD is usually treatable if detected early.


*CKD can be slowed down it if is detected early

*Control conditions that can harm your kidney

*Manage your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol to protect your kidneys.  2 types of blood pressure pills ACE-inhibitors and ARBs protect kidneys (not everyone can take these meds)

*EAT A BALANCED DIET; pass up high salt, high fat, and high sugar foods

*LIMIT PAIN KILLERS -  frequent use of ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or naproxen (Aleve) can harm your kidneys

*QUIT SMOKING - smoking makes kidney disease worse and increases your risk for heart attack and stroke

Are you at risk for Chronic Kidney Disease?

You should be screened for CKD if you have any of the following risk factors:
Diabetes, high blood pressure, family history of kidney failure or kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, you are over age 60, you are African American, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander or Native American, or if you are significantly overweight.
*source kidney

NAPKCC website is under construction; however the official launch of the website will be announced via my website,  This website will be a source for education and resources for those who are directly affected by chronic kidney disease and their families.

For questions and/or comments, please contact Olivia Fox at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)




Olivia Fox is a proven, seasoned, and dynamic radio industry professional whom has worked in the radio business for over 20 years.  A vivacious St. Louis, Missouri native and graduate of Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Olivia is regarded as one of the most talented women in radio and has demonstrated her mass appeal and versatility by successfully generating a large and diverse listening audience of various radio formats.

In 2004, Olivia made history by hosting her own morning show in Tampa, Florida, on Clear Channel’s WBTP 95.7 the Beat. From January 2004 until September 2006 Olivia provided info-tainment, covering local issues, while addressing regional, national and international stories while adding her “telling like it is” commentary. With her quick wit, comedy skits, character voices, and the ability to build a competitive, informative, and family friendly product, Olivia left the Tampa Bay radio market as one of the top rated morning shows, and a mass of followers who listened faithfully locally through the radio airwaves, as well as a legion of fans from all over the country who listened daily online.

Prior to working in the Tampa Bay market, Olivia was the co-host of the highly rated award winning and nationally syndicated radio program, “The Russ Parr morning show with Olivia Fox.” From July 1996 until December 2002, Olivia amassed a cult like following of fans of all ages, races, and backgrounds in cities nationwide, including, Washington, DC., Detroit, Michigan, St. Louis, Missouri, Boston, Massachusetts, Dallas, Texas, as well as Philadelphia.

Olivia Fox returned to the DC radio market in June of 2007 to host her own late night show called, “Out the Box, with Olivia Fox.” This new, refreshing, and cutting edge concept in late night urban radio ran Sunday through Thursday 10 pm-1am. EST.on Radio One’s 93.9 WKYS Radio, in Washington, DC. There was no subject too taboo to speak on and Olivia Fox tackled each subject with her no-nonsense approach, while keeping with her comical take on everyday matters.

In January 2008, Olivia Fox transitioned to the day time airwaves on sister station Majic 102.3 DC’s Number 1 for R and B during the middays time slot Monday through Friday 10am-3pm EST Currently the top rated midday show, during her 20 year career, Olivia has consistently won in every on air position she has worked.

Ms. Fox has made special appearances and hosted major award shows, concerts and charity events. She has served as a judge in the Miss USA Circuit Pageant, a media spokesperson for the National Transplant Olympics and served as a national media correspondent for the Al Gore 2000 Presidential election fly around. A lifetime member of the NAACP, Olivia is also strong and fierce advocate of health related organizations including the American Kidney Fund, The National Kidney Foundation, and the American Association for Kidney Patients. She serves as a board member of the Minority organ Tissue Transplant Program (MOTEPP) an organization based in our nation’s capital and founded by Dr. Clive O. Callender, M.D.- a world renowned organ transplant specialist and professor and chair of the Department of Surgery at Howard University college of Medicine.

Olivia is also proud mother of one and created her own web site at and launched her very own web series called, “Where is Olivia Fox?”, a virtual reality series, that gave fans an opportunity to see the latest adventures of Olivia Fox as she temporarily stepped away from the radio airwaves, by working other jobs. She is now working on a docu-series for television that focuses on doing a radio program, raising a child alone, and facing various life changing situations. Olivia’s future plans also include penning an autobiography as well as a handbook for the radio professional, and ultimately branding “Olivia Fox” for future products and merchandise. Olivia truly believes that with daily prayer, dedication, and smart financial investments, there is the potential to be great, and promote positivity and community change within us all.

Olivia can also be contacted at:

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**On air, in the DC Market,  Monday - Friday 10am-3pm EST