Richard “YoungLord” Frierson, Music Producer

Sunday, January 04, 2009




This is 2009 people! We have a Black President, a pile of debt, and dreams of change. This is time for us, black men and black women to recognize the TRUTH! The Truth is that no matter what the situation is we can in fact CHANGE for the better. The TRUTH is that it all starts with us. It starts with our thoughts. We have to change our thinking. We have to reach higher than ever. We have to go beyond where we think we can go. We have to push ourselves to think higher thoughts. We have to SEE it, FEEL it and then do what’s needed to make it happen. You know, PLAN to succeed!!!! The TRUTH is that all is possible. Let’s get it PEOPLE!!!!




Some people live and leave this earth without ever finding their purpose or the courage to follow their dreams. Richard ‘YoungLord’ Frierson is not one of those people…He’s the complete opposite! Early on in his life he realized his passion for music. In grade school, YoungLord threw $1 parties in his parents’ basement to raise enough money to purchase his first drum machine. Using the same commitment and focus he taught himself how the use the machine and create his music.

During his freshman year in Cardinal Spellmen High School in the Bronx, YoungLord caught the attention of the hottest producers in the industry, Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs. Impressed with his talent and age P-Diddy signed YoungLord to his production team, ‘The Hit Men’ in November 1994. YoungLord was only 16 Years old. He was the youngest producer in music industry with commercial hits.

Younglord has produced hit records for Notorious BIG, LL Cool J, DMX, Big Pun, Beyonce, New Edition, Lil Kim, the Lox, Big Pun, Ice Cube, and even P-Diddy himself. Richard ‘YoungLord’ Freirson contributed to the sale of over 28 million records worldwide.

Now as the CEO of his own music production he continues to produce for some of today’s hottest artist!