Keep Cool Even in Heat “By Any Means Necessary”
posted Tuesday, April 28, 2009


See what happens when it gets hot? Can we go through a hot season without anyone winding up in the hospital from serious injury or even death from an easily avoidable confrontation?

Answer: YES WE CAN! In the words of President Obama. This weekend as hot as it was, everyone seemed to be excited that we finally got a breakthrough in weather. I managed to get myself up and out to see the movie “Obsessed”. While in the theater just as the good part was approaching, I started to hear chit chatter. Then the chit, chatter got louder and louder. People began to say..“Shhhh”. You also heard someone say “Shut up or take that outside!”. Then two women got up and started to bicker and yell. One said “Hold my baby!”. I could not believe that these two woman were really about to get it on for real and in the theater. By this time 20 minutes of the movie had already passed. I was so dissappointed. I just missed the most critical part of the movie. I yelled out and asked for someone to please pause it or rewind back to the beginning of the part that was missed. (I must have thought I was at home with the DVR remote in my hand.) One of the women was escorted out and then you heard “Take the other one too!”. The second woman was then taken out and while walking out with her friends she yelled “Now ya’ll can watch ya’ll damn movie!”. At this time someone else was so heated and said “For all that I hope she beat your a**” Whoa! I was disgusted. In the end, those who requested to have their money back did with no hassle.

The message, Ladies and Gents, is to keep cool even in heat “by any means necessary”.

Take Heed and ENJOY the heat.