posted Monday, August 24, 2009


“...I wanna be Long Gone, where the wind blows free. From sea to sea where I can be me. I’ve gotta be Long Gone some where I can call home. Just singing my song, I’ll be LONG GONE”....-Guy, “Long Gone”

I attended a funeral a few weeks ago and I was so intrigued at what the Pastor was saying about the person that passed away.  He said how wonderful this person was and how she left a “lasting impression” on others. He said people should be able to help bear burdens of others as well as absorbing their joy. You’re not alone in the world. You have the capacity to make someone’s life a little better by creating the best relationships in all of them. You would be surprised what a daily smile can do to a person or a daily compliment. We all want attention and for friends and family to be our cheerleaders.  Like Stocks, value can increase or decrease in friendships and family. Invest in your relationship with others no matter how hard it can be.

I personally know how hard it can be. But I’m going to try and work on it myself.

“Sometimes I feel….like I’m going crazy. Life seems so short and then your GONE”- Guy, Long Gone, Verse One.

CEO, out.