Message From CEO
posted Tuesday, April 14, 2009


“Eyes should be open and ears should be listening”

Jan 20th was definitely a new day for all of us. To have lived to see and feel that moment was such a blessing. A new era of change is amongst us. I’m hoping that people will begin to live by this creed. It is much needed. I remember one day last week I was on the train and noticed a group of young ladies having a conversation. They were maybe between the ages of 14 and 16. They were talking about school and what happened to one another that day. Suddenly the conversation took a weird turn. Not that I am a nosy person but they were speaking loud enough for the whole train car to hear. One said “that “b” is this”. Another said “f that b”. To my amazement I began to think they were as old as me. They began to bother and flirt with the subway conductor who looked like he was in his forties. Words they were saying to him would make you as an adult want to wash your child’s mouth out with soap and water. They went on and on and the words got worse. I really wanted to just speak to them and ask them why they were speaking that way; so vulgar and so raunchy. You know these days most kids would tell you “You not my mother!”

I remember when I was younger, if I even looked at an adult wrong my mother gave that adult permission to give me a WAP one time. In this day and age I’ve seen an adult jumping in a fight that their kid was involved in. Now does that sound right to you? There has to be a change. We need “community”. Believe it or not, we yearn for that. Hence the class “It takes a village to raise a child”. We’ve all heard that line before but we must begin to practice it. Look out for this class lectured by Professor Ursula Harvey next semester.

Added professors, new classes coming for Spring/Summer 2009.

“Eyes should be open and ears should be listening”

Be Safe and Be well.

CEO, Senyah Baah