Message From CEO
posted Tuesday, April 14, 2009


“...Everyday I must make the day better than it was before.” - Faith Evans, Life Will Pass YOU by, from her album Keep The Faith.

Already we are in April and we will be hitting mid-year soon. The economy is not doing well, folks are loosing their jobs and people are getting stressed and even depressed. This causes strain within ourselves which is understandable. We all have issues. People may disappoint us and things may not be going your way but please don’t let this discourage whatever plans or decisions you have made to progress in life. Invest in your future and know that there is a bright light at the end of your tunnel. Please come out to our First Annual Book Drive in May. This Drive will be benefiting Senior Citizens, sick children in hospitals and people who are rehabilitating from sicknesses. Remember there are people who are less fortunate than us that need our help.

Keep The Faith.

- Cindy Senyah Baah, CEO