Message from CEO - WORTH
posted Monday, August 10, 2009


“...What would you give and what would it take for you to show me that I’m WORTH all the love”. “Am I Worth It?”-Heather Headley

Fellas!!..I said Fellas! What’s going on with my Fellas?  I love you guys but what’s good? I am feeling much disappointment because I am still hearing complaints from the ladies.  The ladies are complaining that you still don’t see their worth. Is that true? Do you recognize that? Or is your answer “She be aight” Come on guys. I know “You’ve heard it all before” but what would it take? Remember time is not on any of our sides. Don’t let that good one go to get that momentary gratification from the next one. Is it worth it? We hear the saying all time “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  Believe it. When you turn your back, You may loose the prize for sure. Step up to the plate and claim your lady.  Be a “BETTER MAN”“!! The one that stuck with you through thick and thin and is dependable. Show her she is WORTH it!

Don’t live in regret.

CEO, out.