Message From CEO: Love and Friendship
posted Sunday, June 28, 2009



Can you define the words “Love” and “Friendship”? Let me ask you again. Do you really know the true meaning of the words “Love” and “Friendship”. If you can’t define these words from your own heart and not from the Webster’s Dictionary, then don’t use it. Please do not confuse “acquintance” with “friendship”. “Love” and “Friendship” I believe are two very powerful words. Some use it loosly just to use it. Some intake it more than it is meant. I believe “friendship”, is a commitment and a marriage believe it or not. Its trusting someone with anything as you would trust yourself. Do you trust yourself? “Love” however is everything. Have you ever felt it? Can you believe that there are people out here that do not love themselves yet throw that word out? They would throw that word out but will not show the “Love” they so claim to have for you. Wow. Wait, I am not saying that you have to be perfect to use these words. No one is. I am simply saying that be very careful how you use either. With “Love” and “Friendship” comes “Maturity”.  Are you mature enough to say and mean either words? MEAN what you say and practice it WELL. “Love” and “Friendship” should not be played as a game. As the end result can be critical. Not by a living being but by our JUDGE in Heaven. Believe. Remember, “Do on to those as you would want to be done to you”.

Take it seriously. The clock is ticking.

CEO, out