posted Thursday, December 17, 2009


Founder and CEO, Cindy Senyah Baah gives her Thank you’s to all who have given support and will continue to give support for years to come.

This past weekend we had our First Annual Determined To Educate, Inc. Awards Gala. I am pleased to say that it was a success. After the event, I have received phone calls and have seen people that said to me “I had no idea what you were trying to do or what this organization is about, I’m in!” The feedback has been great overall. We had inspiring stories from our Guest Speakers that moved the crowd. I am so thankful that the message is getting through. Then yesterday I received a gift from someone. First I thought, “This is nice but why is she giving me a gift?” I was completely surprised. Meaning ok what can I give this person back that has given me this gift? I have no idea what to give.  The gift was a book. The name of the book is called “One, How many people does it take to make a difference”. Then I saw a blurb in the front but at the end of the blurb were the words “Change the World”. Now I’m looking at the book with confusion. I began to read her note…and it said. “Couple of weeks ago I was online in Starbucks and I picked up this book and started to read it. The words did something to me. I thought “WOW” what an amazing book! I bought it as a gift with no one in mind. After Saturday night, I knew this book was for you. You touched my heart Saturday with your mission. You are the change we need in our young people. You can call on me anytime. Don’t ever change what you’re doing” At this point, I had tears rolling down my eyes. Tears because the overwhelming emotion allowed me to finally believe that this thing called Determined To Educate, Inc. Is working. To receive this from another human being that I hardly know was even more overwhelming.  Can I do this alone? Of course not. I need you all to help me. We all need each other’s help. We all have New Years Resolutions and I hope the ones you have listed includes a line involving your communities and giving back. Don’t turn away. It’s critical and important.

To Donna Walrond: With extreme gratitude, I thank you for this remarkable gift. It’s something that I will remember for a lifetime. Seriously. I thank you for listening to the message, understanding the movement and devoting your time to volunteering. My gift to you is to take heed to your words “Don’t ever change what you’re doing”. I know there will be mountains we must move but those words will live in my heart, mind and soul each time we have to move them. Thank you so much Donna!

And thank you all for supporting us during our first year. I wish you, your family, your loved ones and your community a safe prosperous holiday!  See you in 2010!  Bettering Ourselves, Bettering Our Communities, That’s our mission!

CEO, out

Donna Walrond and Founder/CEO, Cindy Senyah Baah