EXTRA CREDIT - “Business Owners…If you’re scared…get a dog”

There is not a day that goes by that I’m not approached about a business, asked about owning a business or something pertaining to helping my business.  The reality is that in these harsh economic times, people are losing their jobs and or losing faith that the job/company will not be around.  For those that have lost their jobs, they are considering trying something different or owning there own.  For those losing faith, they are looking for ways to bridge their eminent dismissal or company collapsing.

So here we are, with tons of people becoming or trying to become business owners.  I think its absolutely fabulous but it’s not easy to do nor easy to maintain.  Owning your own business has its burdens as well.  The things you take for granted while working for someone is now your responsibility.  From ordering supplies to cleaning the toilets.  Now I can hear you now, “I’m going to hire someone to do that”.  LOL…yeah that’s what I did and thought as well.  Now let me remind you why you went into owning your business. “The economy sucks!”  So spending money and your overhead becomes your number one priority.  Renting or leasing the space, which banks has the best benefits for small business owners and your vendors are all tough choices that will keep you up at night if you don’t do the proper due dillegents.


Scared yet?  Here’s the deal, it can and will work.  Rely on the things that has made you successful up until this point.  Please don’t be afraid to talk with other business owners or networks so that you don’t need to re-create the wheel.  Constantly make sure that you monitored the market and request relief from the bank and your landlord.  It’s happening.  Remember the hell-hole situation that you left and that should be motivation to work smarter, not necessarily harder.  Lastly, don’t be afraid to make tough decisions when it comes to the business or you will not have a business to run.  My partner is my wife. Not so much because of what she does at the company, but because she is a great sounding board for the issues that occur from day to day.  Find that person who will tell you that you were wrong.  You don’t need a “yes person”.


Trust and believe in yourself.  Sacrificing your beliefs and being afraid to make tough decisions or ask for relief is a plan to fail.  The road has been paved before us and we are strong and resilient.  Focus on the things that you can do to create a business that your patrons love to frequently talk about.  Let your passion for your business show and be visible by everything that you do.  There is not a day that goes by that I’m not wearing my company logo with few exceptions.  You can do this it!!!!  “If your scared…get a dog!

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