“It takes a village to raise a child”

“Family unity is crucial to the upbringing and development of our youth”....Mary B. Morrison, author.

Where have we gone wrong as a people?  I ask myself that question every time I hear some young girls and boys talking about what some boy or girl did to them last night and the language they use is unbelievable!  Babies are out here still having babies themselves.  Our sons are still out here shooting each other over nothing! They have no self-respect….so they can’t possibly have any respect for you.

Should we blame it on programs like MTV, BET and VH1?  We had all of that when we were growing up and didn’t “act a fool” like the young kids’ today do. Maybe it is something more close to home - parent (s) that are so busy getting high, getting their groove on or just working so hard to make ends meet they don’t have the time?  Or is it the teachers that are only in the classrooms for a paycheck?  Is the government at fault for not creating a better economy or maybe its former President Bush’s fault?


I don’t know what the answers are -  but I know that I am scared for these babies.  They need us to be there for them even if they say they don’t want us there.  A lot of us have given up on them.  That is the last thing we need to do.  I applaud Senyah for what she is trying to do.  It indeed “takes a village to raise a child” especially now.  There are no excuses for us not to be out there helping all children (because they are all of our children whether we birth them or not).  We have an African-American President now.  There are NO MORE EXCUSES!


Are there any questions? Please raise your hand.


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#1. Posted by Marla on July 31, 2009

As a mother of two, an 11 year old son and a 7 year old daughter I can honestly say that I am a bit scared of them getting older, growing up and having to deal with these same situations that you have just mentioned. As we walk down the streets and look at the young girls wearing little shorts, midriffs with tatoos and piercings or the guys with the pants hanging off their backsides I turn to my kids and ask them if they think that this look is appealing. Ir I may ask them “what do you see wrong with this picture?” Though many children now a days are influenced by certain programs such as MTV, BET and VH-1 many parents are also to blame. What ever happen to the era when the neighbor would scold you and then when your parents found out they too were scolding you as well. Now you have too many parents yelling at other adults not to say anythingg to their children even though you have caught them in a negative act. Parents now a days question us adults when we complain or inform them about their children and I have personally sat there and heard many parents say “not my child, they would never do that” I am the opposite, not to say that I don’t trust my kids because I do but if you ask me “is that your son?” as soon as I walk up to you then my first question is usually “yes, why did he do something wrong?”


#2. Posted by Professor Harvey on August 03, 2009

Thanks Marla for your comment!  I totally feel the same way.  That would be my first question ...I would want to know what my child has done as well.  I hope somewhere along the line that we begin to see that we need to step up as people of color and help one another raise our children.  Please keep the faith my sister!


#3. Posted by Professor Spencer on September 03, 2009

You’re right, there are no excuses.  It’s not BET, MTV or VH1’s fault.  They supply a demand to the masses.  Unfortunately we have failed in resigning ourselves to passive parenting.  Kids have become independent as a result poor choices are made.  There was a time when you had to ask permission to do any and every thing.

We need to know our kids and know who their friends are.  We have to become much more involved.  NO excuses.


#4. Posted by Professor Harvey on September 08, 2009

Professor Spencer -

Thanks so much for your feedback! Kids have become more independent unfortunately making bad choices…we as parents need to stop throwing money, video games, etc. at the problem and spend more time with our children. 

Not in front of the TV or by texting but actually talking to one another face to face.


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